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Face the Future Challenges with the Logistics Service Provider who understands your needs.

The increasingly intense competitive business climate has resulted in many companies re-evaluating and modifying their business model and strategies. The emerging popularity of logistics model such as Just In Time (JIT) Fulfillment and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) have placed huge pressure of the operations of even the biggest companies. Coupled with globalization and the massive pressure to achieve cost cutting, many companies have turned into outsourcing their logistics function with reliable logistics partners who are able to provide one stop logistics solutions to meet all their requirements at the lowest cost.

W&D has position itself to meet your current and future supply chain needs within the Asia-Pacific Region. We are capable to provide you with a range of warehousing and distribution services that will ensure your company being able to meet with the tough demands of JIT and VMI operations. Our customized solutions and value added services allow your company to focus on your core competency and free up your valuable resources for other uses.  Our experience in handling with Logistics Programs such as VMI and Distribution Centers, for our customers has armed us with the competency to deal with any of your complex logistics program.

In addition, our strategy of modeling our distribution hubs has ensured that minimum cost (such as value added taxes) and hassle is incurred when you utilize our distribution hubs in our 3 major locations.

1) Our Singapore Distribution Hub is coupled with the strategic geographical location of Singapore. It provides you with the ideal location to distribute to your customers in SE Asia.

 2) Our Penang Distribution Hub is strategically located in the Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) in the Penang Port, which allows your cargo to enjoy the “Tax Free” Status until they are sold to your customers located in Malaysia. This allows to free up your financial resources to focus on other activities as the tax amount is deferred.Together with its proximity in Thailand, our Penang Distribution Hub provide you with the ideal location to serve your customer located in Malaysia and Thailand.

3) Our 3rd Distribution Hub is strategically located in Hong Kong, which is a free port. Often termed as the “Gateway to Southern China”, it provides you with the ideal location to serve your customers located in Greater China. Conversely, it can also act as a consolidation point to ship your cargo manufactured in China to the other Distribution Hubs.

Our mission is to offer you the total logistics solution which offers maximum effectiveness and efficiency possible for your company logistics operations. We will handle all the complexities of your logistics operations and turn your experience of logistics partnership with us into a breeze.

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